Disainer Hannes Wettstein

Bränd Molteni&C

Klassikaliselt elegantne, kuid ergonoomiliselt mugav.

Pehme peatsiga voodi, millel on klassikaline kuju ja proportsioonid. Peats on varustatud mehhanismiga, mille abil saab seda liigutada mugavasse lugemisasendisse.

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Hannes Wettstein

Hannes Wettstein (1958-2008) was one of the most interesting designers of his generation, creating projects ranging from products to communication and industrial design to architecture. He was known as one of the most innovative and influential designers from the Swiss school. This was demonstrated by the many awards and competitions he won, such as the selection for the Compasso d’Oro in 2004 for his Dada Nomis kitchen.