w132 Nendo



Brand Wästberg

With his characteristically playful, minimalist approach, Nendo’s founder Oki Sati has created a simple yet ingenious light solution – w132 Nendo – that is easily transformed by adding, switching and rearranging the various components.


The shade unit is equipped with two connections – one on top and one below – allowing w132 Nendo to be adapted to any situation. Attaching the wire unit to the top of the shade makes it a pendant lamp, while adding a longer pole to the table version turns it into a floor lamp. For even greater versatility, both standing versions can be lowered and raised with a turn of the adjusting wheel. By adding three different shapes to the equation – a cone, a sphere and a cylinder, all made of spun steel – w132 Nendo opens up for all kinds of creative combinations.



Floor lighting 847 €

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