Happy birthday, LEM

Twenty years of worldwide success

Twenty years of worldwide success and a bright (coloured) future

This year LEM is celebrating its twentieth birthday. Twenty years that have set Lapalma on a revolutionary path and have changed design history. Such an important birthday deserves a special gift: new colours that provide a fresh take on this extraordinary stool, designed by Shin & Tomoko Azumi. No longer available in just white and black – the originals LEM debuted in back in 2000 – but now it is offered in six new refined, original shades: oliva, caffè, mattone, celeste, tortora and perla. Six new versions, six bright stars in a timeless collection.

Over these twenty years, Lapalma has sold over a million LEMs across the globe, and ever since its launch, this wonderful synthesis of Japanese culture and Italian technology has captured the imagination of those in search of a design that is groundbreaking in conception and seamless in form, which embodies the character of the new millennium. LEM is a minimalist stool, ideal for those who are looking for balanced elegance that goes beyond trends.