E_Spirit Book


Disainer Gianluigi Landoni

Bränd Vibieffe

E_Spirit Book on moodulitest kokkupandav raamaturiiul, mida saab paigutada seinale või iseseisva elemendina põrandale. Kapil on torudest struktuur ning puidust ja marmorist riiulid.


Archiproducts Design Award 2017 võitja.

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Gianluigi Landoni

An architect and designer Gianluigi Landoni carries out research and development of industrial design with a strong focus in the hotel industry and trade. Striving to deepen his creative research, desire and curiosity provided opportunities for Landoni to work in various production areas. Landoni was recognized in the 1991 edition of the Compasso d Oro, the 1998 edition Premio Compasso d Oro and received the 1999 iF (International Forum) Product Design Award.